Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Slanted Mixtapes interview

Here's a short new interview in Slanted Mixtapes:

Just get the message a few minutes ago, the album are on the music stores everywhere in Indonesia, distributed by deMajors, and will also available in some other countries soon. :)

And here's a bit of Q&A with Marcel the notorious guy behind all of their melodious songs :

1. rump spanking or spanking through?

I would say rump spanking is always preferred generally amongst members of the band. For instance when one of us forgets to play the C chord.

2. what would you do if you have nothing to do?

I would ponder my existence while eating a bag of expensive chips. I'll do that at a hotel lobby where I'm not staying.

3. what would you say about a man standing behind the tree, and how do you know it's behind the tree not in front of the tree?

I guess because I'm actually standing behind him. And I'm actually a tree, myself. Pine tree.

4. how do you prefer your guitar tuned?

Standard tuning by ear. With my skills - or lack there off - they sound like "alt" tunings, anyway.

5. if we have to write something before we forget, how to make sure we're not forgetting to write down something?

I can't remember what you just asked me. Wot?

6. how can you tell the differences of Frank Black, Jack Black and Jack Sparrows?

I like the music the first one makes - mostly. I like some of the movies the second one made. I don't know who the last one is.

7. If there a life after death, do we have life before get born?

I don't think so. But I guess we'll never know. Dang it!

8. if you know the answer of this question, please let me know.

I think it's "4" without the "H"

9. how do you tell the spouse of a dog that she's a bitch?

I don't know about dogs. But I've told a lot of my friends that.

10. how do you tell it's over when it's over?

When the other person stops saying "fuck you."

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